a short film by Spencer Cook & Parker Smith
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a short film by
Spencer Cook & Parker Smith

about the film

ACT OF GOD follows a day in the life of Stuart, a disabled man whose life is a mess. His caregivers are abandoning him and for good reason: he's an asshole, a fact that becomes quickly apparent to the new guy tasked with getting him out of bed.

Stuart's commute to work is interrupted by the discovery of a $100 bill lying on the sidewalk, just out of reach. It flutters away as soon as he moves towards it, leading him on a chase eventually destroys his wheelchair and forces him to reconsider his toxic ideal of self sufficiency.

Written and directed by a disabled man (Spencer Cook) and his actual caregiver (Parker Smith), Act of God explores the tension between self reliance and true independence.

A headshot of director Spencer Cook, on the set of Act of God.

Spencer Cook


Spencer Cook is an Austin based filmmaker, artist, and disability activist. As a life long wheelchair user, Spencer is dedicated to helping improve the way people relate to their own bodies through the lens of disability.

A headshot of director Parker Smith on a hiking trip.

Parker Smith


Parker Smith is a documentary filmmaker based in Austin, Texas. He shot, edited, and directed his debut feature Ramblin’ Freak as a one-man crew, going on to a world premiere at SXSW Film Festival in 2017. When he is not making films, Parker Smith works as Spencer’s primary caregiver.

Stuart and his caregiver Paul endure an awkward silence.Stuart, a wheelchair user, is confronted by another wheelchair user at the office.Bikes rush past Stuart on a dark, wet road.A $100 bill lies on the ground.Stuart drives his wheelchair down a lonely road.




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